Live Bands, DJ’s, or just have both!

If you or your friends know of a good local jam or rock band that plays original music, or does a good cover set that will play your party for you, that’s a great option. Fees will vary, and make sure you take good care of them with food & drink. Some people like to hire a DJ too, try to have both, depending on the size of your party, to play between sets if it’s within the budget. You could even throw a Karaoke machine into the mix for additional fun, and maybe offer prizes for the best performance. Another cool thing you could do is rent a projector and video screen to loop Halloween & horror films all night long. Places like Starlite Productions rent them out, maybe rent some lighting too! Although, setting up a playlist with your laptop, tablet, or ipod, and a good set of speakers always works too!

Alternative Entertainment

Fire Eaters/Fire Dancers, Fortune Tellers, Magicians, Contortionists, Belly Dancers, or Hired Scares (Zombies, Vamps, Statues, etc.) can be an exciting element of entertainment for your guests as well. You could search on Gig Salad, Yelp, Facebook or Google for whatever you may be looking for. For that creepy clown option, you could always contact the Circus Rejects, but they may be busy working at Bloodshed Farms, but I am sure they have friends who scare equally well they can refer to you!

The Costume Contest

As part of your entertainment, you could also add a costume contest, and give out prizes like gift cards or something else that’s cool for different categories, such as; Scariest, Funniest, Best Fantasy, Best Group or Most Original. You can be as creative as you like with your choice of prizes, in the past I have given out $25 gift cards to whatever store or restaurant that would be popular with the group, some people give out bottles of wine, as well as ribbons too!

I hope you found this information helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or one of our other Event Specialists here at East Coast Event Rental to assist you with your event. You can get your tents, tables, chairs, linens and other event equipment from us at reasonable rates, and depending on your needs, we will allow you to pick up from us or have your equipment delivered early so you have a good amount of time to set up and decorate!

Thank you,

Event Specialist, Kristi Morgan