Tents and Outdoor Equipment

East Coast Event Rentals staff members are outdoor event planning and installation experts. We can compete with most anyone on price, but no one can compete with us when it comes to quality of tents, and our installation processes for tents and dances floors!

Tents and Equipment:

  Item Name Item Description
20x40-tent-at-a-pool   20×40 Tent
fan-with-stand  fan Pedestal Fan
forced-air-heater-80000-btu  heating unit Forced Air Heater
garden-umbrella-white-vinyl  umbrella White Vinyl Garden Umbrella
heater-50000-btu-umbrella-style  Patio heater Umbrella Heater
market-umbrella  umbrella Market Umbrella


10×10 frame tent

  15×15 15×15 frame tent
  20×20 20×20 frame tent
  20×20 20×20 pole tent
  20×30 20×30 frame tent
  20×30 20×30 pole tent
  20×40 20×40 frame tent
  30′ wide 30×30 frame tent
  30′ wide 30×30 pole tent
  30×45 30×45 frame tent
  30×60 30×60 frame tent
  40′ wide 40×40 pole tent

Please call our office at 800-643-5326 and a helpful customer service team member will be happy to assist you.