Catering Cooking Equipment

From chafers to grills, there are some things that a caterer simply cannot do without.  East Coast Event Rentals has a full array of catering and cooking equipment to fit your event’s needs.

Coffee and Beverage Equipment:

  Item Name Item Description
5 Gallon Beverage Container

 5 Gallon Beverage Container

Hot or cold beverage container


Stainless Steel 55 Cup Coffee Maker  Stainless Steel 55 Cup Coffee Maker Farberware 55 cup coffee maker with spout for serving
Stainless Steel Chafing Dish  Stainless Steel Chafing Dish 8 quart rectangular Chafing Dish
Stainless Steel Coffee Server  Stainless Steel Coffee Server Coffee pourer
Thermal Coffee Server  Thermal Coffee Server Insulated coffee/tea server
Coffee Urn Coffee maker 

50 cup Farberware coffee maker


Fountain Beverage/Punch Fountain 5 gallon fountain
Hot/Cold Beverage Dispenser  Hot/Cold Beverage Dispenser 5 gallon Hot/Cold Beverage Dispenser
Stainless Steel Samovar  Stainless Steel Samovar Coffee/tea Samovar – used to keep perked coffee warm for serving
Super Cooler  Super Cooler Holds can/bottles or keg of beer
Thermos Pitcher Thermos Pitcher  Holds hot beverages for serving

Grills and Stoves:

  Item Name Item Description
4-burrner-stove   4 Burner Stove
hot-dog-roller Hot Dog Roller
propane-grill Propane Grill
warming-cabinet Warming Cabinet

Serving Trays:

  Item Name Item Description
2-tier-tray 2 tier tray Stainless steel 2 tier serving tray
bar-tray-round-stainless-steel Stainless Steel Bar Tray
charger-gold Gold Charger
plate-black-square-platter Black Square Platter
waitress-trays-with-stands Waiter Tray with Stand

Carving stations:

  Item Name Item Description
carving-station  Carving Station Wood carving board with heat lamp

Chafing Dishes:

  Item Name Item Description

 Maramite 4 quart tall chafer perfect for sauces, gravies, etc

 Round Chafer 4 quart Round Chafer

Popcorn Carts:

  Item Name Item Description

 Popcorn Maker with Cart Old fashioned pop corn popper

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